Podcast specifications and requirements

Send us your copy (no more than 100 words or approximately 30 seconds in length) for a sponsored read. These work best if you provide a special offer code or a custom landing page for listeners that can drive them straight to your website. 

  • Custom landing page example: "This podcast is sponsored by Racer X Brand … after the episode, sure to head to racerxbrand.com/exhaust to receive 10% off your next purchase." 
  • Special offer code example: "This podcast is sponsored by Racer X Brand ... after the episode, be sure to head to racerxbrand.com and use the code EXHAUST for 10% off your purchase.” 

This gives you an easy way to track your sponsorship's performance, as you can analyze the landing page stats or keep track of sales that use the offer code. Also, be sure to actively update your read (as frequently as every episode) to keep fresh content in the listeners’ ears.

Check out some more examples of current reads below: 

Exhaust, Sponsored by Yoshimura

Racer X Podcast, Sponsored by Alpinestars


Racer X reserves the right to edit or change copy submitted as we see fit to ensure maximum engagement through racerxonline.com, Racer X social media, and Racer X email newsletter. Racer X also reserves the right to adjust campaign run-times and scheduled dates as we see fit to accommodate editorial and advertising needs. Racer X reserves the right to refuse to post any submitted ad material that we deem sensitive or controversial that would otherwise damage Racer X’s reputation.