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Racer X Podcast Network

Racer X offers the widest-ranging collection of podcasts in motocross, from insiders like Steve Matthes (The Racer X Podcast) and Jason Weigandt (Exhaust). We provide up-to-the-minute coverage of our sport, as well as longform-style chats with pros past and present. 

The Shows

Racer X Podcast

Steve Matthes, Jason Weigandt, and Jason Thomas bring you a comprehensive review of each round of supercross and motocross. Matthes also delivers the inside scoop with extended interviews featuring riders past and present.



Racer X editorial director Jason Weigandt’s Exhaust podcast offers broad coverage of supercross, motocross, and the surrounding culture. He goes deep with industry insiders and racers and gets the stories you won’t find anywhere else. And that theme song!



Jason Weigandt and Steve Matthes look back in time and breakdown  some of the sports most iconic races, battles, and championships to analyze what happened, who was involved, and what made them so memorable.


Moto Marketing PODCAST

A unique take on motocross from our partners at Impakt Media. Focusing more on the business side of the industry’s leading companies, Luke Nesler dives deep into what makes this sport tick with the help of top industry guests.


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By the Numbers

Podcast Stats for YTD 2022 as of 1/25/2023

ShowFrequencyAverage Listens Per Episode Total Listens YTD
Racer X PodcastWeekly During Race Season18,326673,798
Moto Marketing*Weekly9,333438,670
Re-Raceables Bi-Weekly5,257164,253

*2021 Listens

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