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Motocross content, once hard to fnd, is now overflowing via social media and the internet. But only Racer X tells the full story: what happened and why it happened.

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Having subscribed to many other magazines, no one covers motocross and supercross better. The best contributors in the industry, full stop!Racer X Subscriber
Racer X editor-in-chief Davey Coombs interviewing Ricky Carmichael in 1997.
Racer X editor-in-chief Davey Coombs interviewing Ricky Carmichael in 1997.
Racer X Magazine Opening Feature Spread
Racer X Magazine Opening Feature Spread
Best motocross publication on the market & I have loved it since the 1st copy. Racer X Susbcriber

Why Racer X Magazine

Racer X Magazine Cover
Racer X Magazine Cover

Subscriber Growth

We have some of the most devoted readers in the industry. In 2019 we saw a growth of 18% from 2018 in our subscription sales. While the overall print industry may be shrinking, Racer X Illustrated is still thriving with even higher goals for 2021. With our in-depth perspective and industry leading coverage, every 2 out of 3 subscribers renews to Racer X Illustrated on a yearly basis for more content.

The Power of Print

There’s nothing like getting a fresh copy of your favorite magazine in the mail. Taking a time out to unplug from the noise on the internet, Racer X transports our readers into timeless motocross and supercross stories not found anywhere else. In this distraction-free zone, print ads have staying power:

  • The average magazine gets passed to at least 1-3 other people.
  • Magazines become collectors items and are picked up days, months or even years later.
  • Ad recall, comprehension & engagement help make lasting impressions in meaningful ways.
  • When leveraged with QR codes, they synergistically bridge the print/digital gap.
  • 90 percent of Racer X advertisers are repeat customers on a 9-12x rate year after year.

Going Digital

Ditching the previous flip book-pinch and zoom style, our award-winning, vertically scrolling digital version is seamlessly integrated with racerxonline.com for a more user-friendly experience with the ease of access being prioritized. Our digitally-enhanced pages are second-to-none and allow for multimedia and hyper-targeted linking direct to your product page. 

The most exciting partner feature is that all ads are located outside the paywall - meaning all paying and non-paying audiences have the chance to see your message, regardless of being a subscriber. 

Digital Flexibility

Unique to our digital offering is the ability to insert catalogs at a much cheaper rate than printing 1000’s of print copies. Leverage our digital audience for your next product catalog!

Digital Edition Subscription growth since 2020

Increased Digital Edition Viewership Since 2019

Racer X Dealer
Racer X Dealer

Dealer Penetration

Racer X is the favorite of parts-counter employees, who can influence sales directly at the dealership. They open the fresh box of magazines and read them first to see what’s hot before Racer X even hits the sales rack.

Consumer Influence

Racer X Magazine has shown over the years influence at all levels in the motocross industry food chain - consumers, dealer parts buyers and counter help, distributor buyers & road men and of course the ultimate customer - the rider himself or his parents.

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