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Align Your Brand with Ours

Much like our written feature sponsorships, Racer X Films offers the same sponsorship-level advertising opportunity, but with our videos. More and more content is being produced with video, and aligning your brand with ours leverages those who prefer their media in video format.

Racer X Films Pre-card gif
Racer X Films Pre-card gif

A Racer X Films sponsorship includes:

  • Logo placement on your sponsored video category
  • Pre-card intro in the video
  • Banner ads on your sponsored video category (added value)
  • Short ad read in the contents of the video 

The Numbers

  • 9,700,000 total video views in 2022
  • 15,600 average views per video
  • 0.24% average ad CTR on video sponsorships
  • 164,712 average ad impressions on Racer X Online for video sponsorships 

Check Out Racer X Films Features on Racer X Online

Banner ad placements on your sponsored category
Logo placement on all sponsored videos
Racer X Films Sponsorship
Films FeaturePost FrequencyRun Time
SX Preview Shows5 VideosPre SX Season
MX Preview Shows2 VideosPre MX Season
Project Bike BuildsMinimum once a monthYear Long
New Model Bike Intros and Dialed-In TestsMinimum once a monthYear Long
Save of the DayPost RaceMX Season
MX RemasteredPost RaceMX Season
Best Post Race Show EverPost RaceMX Season
Press DayPre RaceMX Season
Press ConferencesPost RaceMX Season
Racer X GarageWeeklyYear Long
Pro MX: First LookPre RaceMX Season
The Weege Preview ShowPre RaceMX and SX Season
The Weege Post ShowPost RaceMX and SX Season
Loretta Lynns Weege Show4 VideosDuring LL National only
Race eXaminationsPost RaceSX and MX Season

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Contact us to discuss how advertising with Racer X can become an integral part of your marketing strategy. Need creative design services? Be sure to ask your sales rep about how Racer X can design your ads for you.